"I Have Nothing to Wear!!!" : How To Simplify your Wardrobe

We've all been there before, searching through our entire closet to find something to wear, trying on outfit after outfit only to feel dissatsified with what we have put together. With tons of clothes and shoes now cluttering our floor and bed, we utter the words "I have nothing to wear!!." Truth is,  we actually have too many items to choose from, which is why we can't put anything together! I've been purging my own closet of unwearables and doing my best to simplify and condense my wardrobe. Below, i've listed ten tips that should help to make getting ready, a little bit easier.

1. Go through all of your clothes, shoes, accesories, etc and ask yourself if you have worn that piece in the last six months. If not, toss it, chances are you won't be wearing it ever again.

2. Do you have replicas or very similar versions of the same item? Keep your favorite one and donate the rest!

3. Create a balanced color scheme for your wardrobe, work with more neutrals and monocrohmatic colors to get pieces that can easily mix well together. 

4. Make sure you at least have the basics in your closet. That means, a good pair of jeans, a button up, blazer, black dress shoes/heels, white tee, tailored slacks, etc. Basically, good quality pieces that create the foundation for an outfit and can be dressed up or down without much thought.

6. Create a clothing rack mainly for hanging your newest purchases on (purchase a cheap rack from amazon.com). That way, you can see the items clearly and will be more apt to wear them instead of just keeping them for eye candy with the tags still on them!

7. If you're serious about minimizing your wardrobe, aim to have 30 or less pieces in your closet, including shoes.  This will force you to wear what you have and keep a more clean cut approach to your fashion and closet.

8. Try to refrain from shopping just for the sake of shopping (I know, easier said than done). If it's not going to be a staple piece or something you desperately need in your wardrobe, leave it in the store! 

9. Organize. Organize. Organize. Purchase some containers or book shelves to display your shoes, find some cool DIY projects off pinterest to hang jewlery, color coordinate your clothes, pair like items together, such as shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc. 

10. Purge your closet every few months.  Just as we grow and change, so does our style. Sometimes the things we've bought and worn even just months ago, no longer serve who we are at the moment. For each few pieces you throw away, replace it with a piece that better represents your style at the moment. 

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried any of these tips and if they have been helpful for you! I'd love to hear your feedback!